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The Wedding Planner & Event Management - Videography

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We can make arrangement for the following video packages:-

Video Shooting : for Wedding only
From RM 1,300.00 nett onwards per package (half-day)
From RM 1,800.00 nett onwards per package (full-day)
- inclusive of one professional videographer service, pre & post production, DVD label & DVD cover, one mastercopy of DVD (full version) and one approx. 5 to 10 minutes MTV.
Additional copy of DVD @ RM 50.00 nett only per set
*  Notes :

1) To be completed between 30 to 45 days from actual day assignment
2) Multiple video cameras to cover different angles are available at separate charge.  Enquire separately

Optional :

a) We provide flexibility in choice of final screen output i.e. 16 : 9 (letterbox) or 16 : 9 (widescreen).  If none is mentioned, it will be entirely at our discretion.  If the old format is required i.e. 4 : 3 (square), do let us know in advance.

b) Insertion of 10 wedding photos as opening slide show to the DVD at additional of RM 100.00 nett per disc (excluding photo touch-up)

c) Cinematic-style or MTV-style of videography is available @ RM 1,000.00 (half-day) and RM 1,600.00 nett (full-day)

d) All video comes in PAL system.   NTSC format is available at additional surcharge of RM 150.00 nett per hour (conversion fee)

e) Multiple video chapter (DVD authoring) can now be added at RM 150.00 nett for basic features

f) High Definition (HD) Blu-Ray (25G) on 16:9 widescreen is now available from RM 6,800.00 onwards.  Please enquire separately

g) Aerial Videography is now available for short clip added to existing mastercopy of DVD/VCD/Blu-Ray at additional RM2,000.00

Video Highlight/Express/Same-Day Edit (SDE)
RM 800.00 nett per package
- inclusive of expressly edited video shot taken in the morning to be aired during arrival of guests at function venue before banquet dinner begins (approx. 10 minutes).   Best time to air is between 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm.  Client must provide minimum 5-hour time allowance for studio editing
* Note : Express highlight available at RM 100.00 nett only (unedited / raw copy)

Video Montage
Package 1 : RM 700.00 nett
Package 2 : RM 500.00 nett (for budget-conscious) 
- inclusive of compilation of up to fifty (50) pictures of 'baby' days to wedding photos in a 4 to 5 minutes slide show presentation with transition/special effect accompanied by beautiful love song extracted from our well-stock music library.
*  Note : Package 2 may have less multimedia effects


Optional Items
1)  LCD Projector (min. 3,000 ANSI lumen & upwards) - From RM 600.00 nett each unit to RM 2,800.00 nett each unit (for 6,500 ANSI lumen)
2)  Portable Projection Screen - RM 150.00 nett each (6' x 6')  /  RM 200.00 nett (7' x 7') / RM 650.00 nett (10.5' x 14')
*  Note : Inclusive of delivery (within 10 Km radius from the city)


Video Shooting : for Corporate event

Package 1 (Half-Day)

RM 1,400.00 nett per half-day event (up to 4-hours coverage)
Additional hour @ RM 50.00 nett per hour
- inclusive of one professional videographer service, pre & post production, DVD label & DVD cover, and one mastercopy of DVD.
Additional copy of DVD @ RM 80.00 nett only per set (flat) 

Package 2 (Full-Day)

RM 1,800.00 nett per full-day event (up to 8-hours coverage*)
- inclusive of one professional videographer service, on-site recording, DVD label & DVD cover, and one mastercopy of DVD
Additional copy of DVD @ RM 150.00 nett only per set (flat)
 *  Note  :  Not exceeding 5.00 pm on any given day.   Otherwise, surcharge will be imposed at RM 100.00 per hourly thereafter


Multi-Video Live Coverage
RM 3,800.00 nett per package (two video cameras)
RM 4,300.00 nett per package (three video cameras)
- inclusive of professional videographer service, pre & post production, DVD label & DVD cover, and one mastercopy of DVD (up to max. 2 hours).  PLUS, two units each of LCD projector (min. 3,000 ANSI lumen) & standard projection screen.
Optional : Duplication copy of DVD @ RM 80.00 nett only
Any request differs from the above, please enquire separately


Please 'click' on the below link which are uploaded at Metacafe.com






*  All the video uploaded may varies from one to another pending on the videographer styles and suppliers' creativity which also based on the clients' request which is some time can be out of the norm.

Panel Of Videographers

Videographics Productions Sdn. Bhd.
Kedai Gambar Queen
Stephen Studio Sdn. Bhd.
Robin Chung Professional Video & Photograph Service 


  Recommended videographer production house


Special Offer : We provide free videography service for all Christian churches' seminar & church talk.  In return, we only accept love offering.  Applicable to evenings and weekends only (subject to availability)

Promotion of the Month

GOOD NEWS ! For budget-conscious wedding couple, videography package now starts from RM 500.00 for full-day ! Terms & conditions apply. Enquire separately by phone only (no e-mail please)

Have your wedding video recorded in full HD format (16:9 widescreen) saved in 25G BluRay disc playback on your LCD or plasma TV. Be among the first few to impress your friends and family members ! Call us for more details

3-Piece Strollers (3 sets of performance) @ RM 2,000.00 (local event) / RM 2,800.00 (foreign event). Perfect for garden wedding !

Bridal Make-Up & Hair-do @ RM 850.00 to RM 950.00 / bride (2 sessions). Add RM 250.00 for Maid-of-Honour
We treasure every moment in the events that our company handles as much as you do. We understand the nature that there are no repeat or rewind if an event which is poorly managed. Your need is our concern. Make that call TODAY ! Customer Careline : (6) 012 - 833 3308 or E-Mail : professionalweddingplanner@yahoo.com
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