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Live Band

Option 1 : 3-piece band                                                                                                                  Two singers and one keyboardist

Option 2 : 5-piece band                                                                                                                   Two singers, two guitarists, and one keyboardist

Option 3 : 7 to 8-piece full-band                                                                                                      Two singers, three guitarists, one keyboardist, and one drummer

*  Three to four sets of 40 to 45 minutes each session with 15 minutes break in-between

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Smooth Jazz (Straight Line Band)

A truly blend and resemblance of Kenny G of Malaysia (led by Nazir with Soprano Sax / Saxophone).  You will be surely amazed with their performance thinking that 'Kenny G' is performing live before your eyes !  The group has collection of over 300 songs from evergreen to Kenny G favourites.

Price : RM 1,600.00 nett to RM 2,000.00 (3 sets of 30 minutes per set).   Subject to availability.   Highly recommended !   Listen to appreciate !

*  Note  :  Does not include standard sound system which can be rented separately at a minimum charge of RM 1,000.00.   Some hotels do provide this as part of its packages

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*  Our emcee, Simon (left) is asking question to the newly wed

*  Another favourite emcee, Len usually conducts emceeing in Chinese language for weddings

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*  Our emcee, Gerard (above) specialised in corporate events

Master of Ceremony (Emcee)

Price : RM 650.00 to RM 1,000.00 nett per emcee (AM or PM)

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A rendition of hand-beaten drum by a group of eight to ten Malay males dressed in traditional Baju Melayu & Songkok (Malay outfit and head gear) in welcoming the arrival of newly wed or VIPs to the event hall or venue

Price : RM 1,400.00 nett to RM 2,000.00 pending on type-of function and function time.   Subject to availability

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*  Amber Chia & Lee Se Chi (left pix) / YB Puan Melanie Chia (right pix)


Price : RM 55.00 nett per ribbon ball (standard) / RM 148.00 nett per 3 balls

*  Optional : Tray or Basket / Scissors can be arranged at separate charge

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Welcome Gong

Price : RM 200.00 nett per gong (standard) / RM 800.00 nett per gong (large)

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Magic & World of Illusion

Come and get yourself to be entertained in the world full of magic & illusion before your eyes.   You may be chosen as a participant in one of the hand tricks !

Price : From RM 1,800.00 onwards

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With balloon-twisting act that turns any long balloon into mouse to a crown that will sure makes your event a eye-teaser to every child and young-at-heart

Price : One balloon-twisting clown @ RM 450.00 per package / two balloon-twisting clown clowns @ RM 850.00 per package


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Cultural Show

A repertoire of three to five most famous traditional ethnic dances that can be found in Sabah.   The most exhilarating dance of the Murut headhunter i.e. Magunatip (bamboo dance) is the most sought after

Price : From RM 3,800.00 to RM 6,500.00 per troupe

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Modern Dance

Modern dance comprises 6 to 10 dancers performing either two to four dances from a selection of Hip-Hop, Arabian / belly dance, Waltz, Line Dance, etc. which can be arranged to provide some high energy impact to your event.

Price : From RM 2,800.00 to RM 5,000.00 per troupe

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One of our list of recommended entertainments.   Come and be entertained by our very own Malaysian talent.   Sure to stunt before your eyes !   Performance duration is about 4 to 8 minutes.

Price : From RM 650.00 nett per show

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Literally means bamboo musical instrument.   The rhythmic sound is usually played to welcome the Murut Warriors.   Nowadays, it is played to welcome the VIPs and distinguished guests

Price : From RM 1,600.00 nett per troupe

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A type of musical instrument made of copper shaped like a small 'gong' (local drum) played by one or two musicians to produced by soothing sound.   It is played at the beginning to welcome the VIPs and distinguished guests which usually seen in many local hotels' lobby

Price : From RM 1,600.00 nett onwards

24-Chinese Traditional Drum

Be amazed with this estimated 7-minute performance by a group of multi-talented primary school students to showcase their best drumming skills to drum '24-drum' believe to bring 'luck' & 'wealth' going your way for your event.   A must for all opening ceremonies !

Price : From RM 3,200.00 onwards

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Lion Dance

The most sought after for opening ceremony, launching, new business venture, etc. believe by Chinese culture to give many folds of fortunes blessing in the years to come.   Pillars jumping stunt can be arranged at additional cost (please enquire separately).

Price : From RM 1,000.00 onwards

Goddess of Prosperity

Ideal for special appearance and red packet ('ang pao') giveaway (to be provided by organiser) especially throughout Chinese New Year which traditionally believe to bring great fortunes blessing for the entire year.

Price : RM 600.00 per appearance (not exceeding up to two-hour continuous event)

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Modelling Show

A group of eight to ten local models parading in trendy to latest outfits on stage in your function which sure to catch your eyes.   Sound system must be provided or otherwise, it can be arranged and rented separately from us.

Package Price : From RM 3,500.00 onwards 

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Police Outrider

Let the Royal Police of Malaysia in their smart uniform to open up road for your speedy arrival to your destination.   Applicable for weddings and incentive groups only.   Advance notification is required.

Price : From RM 200.00 onwards per outrider

Floor Manager (NEW !)

First-of-its-kind in Sabah.  The role of a Floor Manager is to ensure that on your event day, hiccups, delivery of food, are minimize or possibly none.  Apart from that, sound & lights are in good working condition, delivery & collection of hired equipment / items / beverages are made promptly, decorations are in order, beverage monitoring & control (if applicable; to minimise wastage & avoid being charged unnecessary corkage fee imposed by the hotel), etc..

Price : RM 650.00 nett (AM or PM) / RM 900.00 nett (full-day) per manager 

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Mobile Toilet

Some event venue may not have a proper toilet or insufficient toilet facility to answer the call of nature.   We can assist to arrange mobile toilet for your guests convenience.   Advance notification is required.

Price : From RM 650.00 onwards per unit per day (standard unit)

*  For heavy usage, it is recommended to order more than one unit based on the estimated invited guests.   Also best to separate one to two units for general use and another one for VIPs only.   Water supply equipped in each mobile toilet is sufficient for general flush and hand wash only

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Highly recommended for AV / home appliances exhibition or/and outdoor concerts.   Advance notification is required.

Price : From RM 100.00 nett per barricade per day (min. order : 20 pieces)

*  Security deposit must be placed when ordering and will be refunded after returning the items in good condition.   Limited units available on 'first-come-first-served' basis

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Price : RM 300.00 nett per rostrum per day

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Price : RM 60.00 nett per personnel per half-day event

 *  Highly recommended to provide security and peace-keeping especially for outdoor concerts, launching, etc..   Limited personnel on 'first-come-first-served' basis.   Advance notice is required




Hand-made Runggus bead-necklaces is used to garland your VIPs, guests, and delegation usually a 'must-have' item when visiting Sabah

Price : From RM 38.00 nett each (minimum order of 30 pieces) 


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A wide range of invitation cards collection for you to choose from weddings invitation cards (Chinese, Western, & Malay), full-moon, longevity, to corporate events cards which will spoilt you for choices !
Joy's Collection (Ground Floor, Wisma Sabah, Kota Kinabalu).   Business Hour : Monday to Saturday : 10.00 am to 6.00 pm and Sunday : 10.00 am to 4.30 pm.   Tel : (6) 088 - 262 315 / 016 - 838 1898
Creative Design Studio (CDS) (Lot 12-1, 1st Floor, Block G, Damai Plaza 4, Luyang, Kota Kinabalu).   Business Hour : Monday to Friday : 9.00 am to 6.00 pm and Saturday : 9.00 am to 3.00 pm.   Tel : (6) 088 - 266 806 / 266 810



Promotion of the Month

GOOD NEWS ! For budget-conscious wedding couple, videography package now starts from RM 500.00 for full-day ! Terms & conditions apply. Enquire separately by phone only (no e-mail please)

Have your wedding video recorded in full HD format (16:9 widescreen) saved in 25G BluRay disc playback on your LCD or plasma TV. Be among the first few to impress your friends and family members ! Call us for more details

3-Piece Strollers (3 sets of performance) @ RM 2,000.00 (local event) / RM 2,800.00 (foreign event). Perfect for garden wedding !

Bridal Make-Up & Hair-do @ RM 850.00 to RM 950.00 / bride (2 sessions). Add RM 250.00 for Maid-of-Honour
We treasure every moment in the events that our company handles as much as you do. We understand the nature that there are no repeat or rewind if an event which is poorly managed. Your need is our concern. Make that call TODAY ! Customer Careline : (6) 012 - 833 3308 or E-Mail : professionalweddingplanner@yahoo.com
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