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The Wedding Planner & Event Management - Balloons

We provide from simple house decor to office party decoration.  Be it normal air balloon to helium balloon, helium balloon with drop-down heart-shape or star, balloon in the net, balloon arch, staircase decor, church aisle decor, coconut-shaped balloon tree, etc. we have it all !

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The Party Shop

Popular Items usually ordered are as follows:-
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ein Bild  ein Bild 
Helium Balloon with drop-down ribbon @ RM 6.50 nett each* (with decor - additional RM 200 nett)

ein Bild  ein Bild
Helium Ballon with drop-down heart-shaped or star covered by gold/silver dust @ RM 8.50 each*
* (minimum ordered 100 pieces)

ein Bild  ein Bild

Helium Balloon in the net (300 pcs) @ RM 1,800.00 nett - (highly recommended for launching)

ein Bild

Balloon in the net @ RM 600.00 nett (300 pieces) / RM 850.00 nett (500 pieces) - (highly recommended for annual dinner / celebration banquet)

ein Bild

House Balloon Decor (standard) : From RM 500.00 nett onwards


ein Bild

Balloon Twister : RM 150.00 nett each
Balloon Arch (standard) : From RM 350.00 nett per arch onwards (8' in height)

ein Bild

Giant Arch @ RM 1,800.00 nett per arch (incl. of rental of up to 3 days)

ein Bild

Giant Helium Balloon @ RM 3,800.00 nett / rental (3 - 5 days).   Additional 3 days rental @ RM 1,000.00 nett (helium gas may last up to another max. 3 days)

ein Bild

Helium Balloon with/without Drop-down Banner @ RM 1,200.00 (w/o banner) to RM 1,400.00 nett (w/printed tarpaulin banner one-sided printed : 2' x 6') - (to create high visibity)

ein Bild

Sky Dancer @ RM 180.00 nett per day or RM 800.00 nett per week

Handheld Confetti @ RM 48.00 nett each or promo price at RM 148.00 nett for four (4) tubes

ein Bild

Party Popper @ RM 12.00 nett per tube

Party Packs : From RM 5.50 each to RM 12.00 each (min. 300 packs)


*  Enquire separately for sample photos and your budget




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Promotion of the Month

GOOD NEWS ! For budget-conscious wedding couple, videography package now starts from RM 500.00 for full-day ! Terms & conditions apply. Enquire separately by phone only (no e-mail please)

Have your wedding video recorded in full HD format (16:9 widescreen) saved in 25G BluRay disc playback on your LCD or plasma TV. Be among the first few to impress your friends and family members ! Call us for more details

3-Piece Strollers (3 sets of performance) @ RM 2,000.00 (local event) / RM 2,800.00 (foreign event). Perfect for garden wedding !

Bridal Make-Up & Hair-do @ RM 850.00 to RM 950.00 / bride (2 sessions). Add RM 250.00 for Maid-of-Honour
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We treasure every moment in the events that our company handles as much as you do. We understand the nature that there are no repeat or rewind if an event which is poorly managed. Your need is our concern. Make that call TODAY ! Customer Careline : (6) 012 - 833 3308 or E-Mail : professionalweddingplanner@yahoo.com